Changelog v1.2

Dynamic Scoring System

The score of a challenge will decrease depending on the number of users who have solved it.

Private Competitions

These competitions don’t affect the general classification and you can only participate in one at a time.

Subscribe to new events & challenges

Subscribe via email to receive information about launching challenges or other relevant information.

Request for hints (by Challenge)

These requests will be grouped and, upon reaching a certain threshold, a clue will be published for the corresponding challenge.

Challenge Scoring

In this way, the user experience can be improved when designing and planning new challenges.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have no experience in cybersecurity, you are advised to begin by the challenges included in the Basic category.
If, on the other hand, you do not have experience in computer security, we advise you to start by completing the Atenea School challenges.

Solution to the challenges (flag)has been standardized with the following format: flag{md5}


Let’s picture, for example, that you have obtained the string Atenea1337 as the solution to a given challenge. You need to calculate its md5, and input it between flag{ and } before submitting it to the platform.


In the case of the previous string, the procedure would be as follows:

  1. Calculate the md5 of the string Atenea1337: f3ac2c5e9137453a2252e77b8d6c75f4
  2. Add flag{at the beginning: flag{f3ac2c5e9137453a2252e77b8d6c75f4
  3. Add } at the end: flag{f3ac2c5e9137453a2252e77b8d6c75f4}


Input flag{f3ac2c5e9137453a2252e77b8d6c75f4} as the solution to the challenge. This procedure can be carried out in Linux using the following command: echo -n “Atenea1337” | md5sum

If you reach the maximum number of attempts to solve a given challenge, you may try again, although you will score no points.

Occasionally, depending on the number of players who have solved a given challenge and the amount of time required, additional clues may be provided.

Denial of Service attacks are not allowed.


Automated scans against the platform are not allowed.


Destructive attacks are not allowed (do not modify any challenge, because this will affect the game of other players).


Publishing the solution of challenges is not allowed. However, solutions to the challenges already withdrawn may be published (non-scoring challenges)


Players who break any of the rules above may be penalized or permanently expelled from the platform.

If you detect any vulnerability in our infrastructure or any shortcut to solve a challenge more easily, please report to [email protected] and you will get acknowledgement and bonus points.